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The Circuit Court Land Record Division is the custodian, or keeper of all land records for the City of Norfolk.  These records include deeds showing property ownership, mortgages, certain liens and homestead exemptions.  All records in the Land Record Division are open to the public.  The Land Record Division is a high volume, fast paced office and for that reason we are unable to perform searches.



When a deed is presented for recordation it must have, a typed Virginia Land Record bar code cover sheet.  You must log-in to the ILS-Manatron website to produce the coversheet.  The website address is

We only record original documents, or a certified court copy from another court.  They must be signed and properly notarized by a person authorized to perform the act of notary public.  Each document, if not being picked up after being recorded, must be accompanied by a self address stamp envelop for proper return.


Clerk's Office has begun accepting e-Recording Land Record documents.  For information on how to get started, please contact:
800-460-5657 x1125
118 SW 2nd Street
Oak Island, NC 28465

 or click this link


All documents when presented in the clerk’s office for recording require a recording tax in accordance with the Virginia State Code, except those exempted under the Virginian State Code.  The taxes are calculated as follows: 

State tax  - .25 per hundred dollars
Local tax - .085 per hundred dollars

Click here for a table of recordation taxes

·        All documents received in the clerk’s office will go to record in accordance with 17.1-249.

·        Any document that doesn’t meet recordation requirements will be returned and charged an extra $5.00 mail handling/processing fee.

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